Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A New Beginning

3 Days

Day 3 Front/Back
Day 2 Front/Back

Day 1 Front/Back

I have started a new project, a daily painting along with a daily writing. It will be for 30 days. The project is about marking time. Its about intention but also about letting go, so after I've completed each piece I will put it outside for Nature to finish/co-create the piece. After 30 days I will gather the work and see what has happened, and then who knows.....I have yet to decide how to complete it, and that is also part of this process, allowing openness for emerging ideas.
This daily practice of painting and writing morning pages, is what really got me started painting regularly 3yrs ago. Now I need a new beginning that' s do-able and not going to send me running scared, so here we go.....PS. Each piece is 11" x 11" wood panel, painted on the front and on back...I'm trying to paint on the front and write on the back...but so far I havn't stuck to it!

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