Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eternal Summer

My beloved sister Summer Knight, courageously opened the door to a new brighter life Aug. 29th.  She was the angel of the sun, and the mermaid of the deep sea....she tried giving up her tail and her wings to walk this earth with us, but it was too painful.  Her departure was a sudden shock, whose magnitude continues to be felt in huge swells of emotion.  
I am happy to say that in addition to the grave sorrow I feel, I am also beginning to rejoice with her, knowing she's traveled once again to a brighter warmer place, where she feels all the love of infinity.

Thinking of her the other day, looking at the silver sparkles cast by the sun on the ocean, a little rythm came to me, ( I think from her, my sunshine angel):

All that sparkles and shines is mine
All you feel and see is me

....I was in my studio the other day, starting to prepare to paint again.  Looking at my work, I realized she is my muse, and has been...her existence, here and there, is my inspiration, Life. Her spirit truly is eternal and continues to live in all the beauty I see and feel.

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Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you. Having just lost my dearly beloved mother I hold closely your sentiments. I wish you love and success and joy. Bless you and your new, beautiful child, this the season in which "a child is born." God Bless.