Sunday, October 07, 2007

Opening Party...Fabulousness!

LAST NIGHT WAS FABULOUS!!!! Thank you all who came and celebrated, stay tuned for more fun....
Below my opening letter:

“Let the beauty we love be what we do”-Rumi

October 6th, 2007

Thank you for joining me in the christening of my new painting studio and art space. I am tremendously excited about this celebration and am happy to have you all here. Welcome to my studio!

Showing in the space today are some of my new works on paper. They are dynamic expressions of landscapes recently visited.

Many of you know about the fire that consumed twenty-eight of my paintings this spring. At the time of the fire, these works lay waiting at my framer’s workshop in preparation for two gallery exhibitions. These primarily illustrative landscapes were the summation of a year’s worth of consistent, heart-filled daily practice. Over the course of the year I witnessed many ideas, avenues of exploration and characteristics develop in my work.

Although many would perceive the destruction of my paintings as tragic and difficult to reconcile, I interpret their loss as an act of providence. I say provident because this loss gave me the opportunity to move through my feelings of attachment, and into a space of freshness, fluidity and ease. This transformative experience gave me a new perspective on my identity as a painter and impressed on me new insights into the direction of my work. I discovered that I needed to give more of myself to my work. I also found that I wanted to paint on a larger scale and to create a forum for the display of my work to outside viewers. The establishment of the Dawn Breeze Painting Studio is the natural next step in the course of this artistic discovery.

I am excited about the newness of this space. I am thrilled about the creative projects it will foster. I look forward to seeing my work grow in space and form. I am hopeful that the Dawn Breeze Painting Studio can be used as an interactive art experience for the Hudson community to enjoy.

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