Friday, October 05, 2007

First Open Studio, PARTY Tommorow!!!! Oct 6 2007

These are photos taken 5min ago, at my new sudio space!
Its all coming together and please, please join me tomorrow from 6-8pm, at Dawn Breeze Painting Studio 722 Warren st. Hudson NY to celebrate opening up this wonderful art space!!!!

Special thanks to Mary Patterson for doing a job today that only a psycho serial freak would do, and for supporting my art every step of the way, for 15yrs. You should check out her blog: she's just posted some of my paintings she's collected, its out of control! Basically any interested buyers have to beat Mary to it, if thats even possible.

Special thanks to Wenonah Webster who stayed up with me tonight and helped fend off drunken loonies as we painted the last bits together.

Thanks to my Artist Way Girls

And thank you all my friends and loved ones, who have been supporting me and my art...dreams are built with strong supports! Yeah and thats my academy speech, and of course thanks to god for it all!!!

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