Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer Greens

These are three paintings/drawings I've done recently...obviously I am being influenced by my surrounding colors, and textures.

In order from top to bottom:
1. Yellow Fields
12" x 12"
Mixed Medium on wood

2. Gianni's View
2' x 3'
Mixed Medium on Wood
* My Husband has the most beautiful view from his workshop, and he always says its like looking at my paintings, especially when he sees it through the framed window. When I see it I see my paintings too, the ones I really want to make!
( Excuse the easel photo, Yikes!)

3. Cows in the Field
9" x 12"
Oil on Paper
* This was a a little sketch I did in "Plein Air", that was sooooooooo fun, sitting in the environment, feeling it, and watching it move. The sketch is so humble and tiny compared to the magnificence of the day!

Lastly, this is photo I took last week at the Hamptons. Its kind of cool, because I am beginning to see what I see...if that makes sense.

Wait, really lastly, the Gallery848 ( North Sea Road, South Hampton, NY) is hosting an open house this Saturday. If anyone missed the opening last weekend, please check it out tommorow! Such a cute gallery, and in those big windows are my big ocean paintings!

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