Friday, May 25, 2007

Calm After The Storm

Purple sea
4'x 4' Mixed Medium on Wood

This is the last of the four new ocean paintings. This one is very serene, and peaceful which is how I'm looking forward to feeling now. Due to the recent fire, I have decided to postpone my Vineyard Show. There were a few reasons, but mostly because as an artist I need to create by following inspiration. And inspiration can be a little unruly, it doesn't always behave well or produce excellent work, especially under pressure. I felt that I could potentially jeopardize the integrity of my artwork and myself by forcing results in a short and uncomfortable way. Also, why paint if its not fun???? So, unfortunately I took the best decision I could under these circumstances, and released the pressure by releasing the show scheduled for July 13th on Martha's Vineyard, at the Belushi/Pisano Gallery. I know there will be plenty of future opportunity's and I am really excited to watch my new works continue to be born.

" Let the beauty you love be what you do"-Rumi

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