Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I've been double-team tagged!!!!

Meat Ball Mamma!!!
Weird post but, this is really fun and cool, another weird cyber world connection.
* the explanation is ( and I don't know where it started??) is that other bloggers tagged me, which means I share 7 bits of personal info, and 7 blogs I enjoy...I guess its a more personal way for our readers to see what we like to see. Regardless, I am honored to be tagged...it just amazes me that theres folks out there, who routinely check up on my work..and like it!!!

1. I support myself as an artist by running my own successful private chef-catering business. I love it, and I am the meatball mamma, ( probably my most requested item!)

2. I live in a beautiful 200yr old federal home, the best nest I could have ever dreamed up!

3. I'm married to a Sicilian, who makes my heart sing, and supports my creativity/craziness every day.

4. I'm the oldest of 5 children, and grew up on Martha's Vineyard, until I was old enough to get off that rock!

5. I have a supportive group of magic girls, we meet once a week and make creative sparks fly!

6. My favorite color is red.

7. I love the sky, in all its glory and vastness!

And a few of my favorite blogs/websites:
1 Daily painters:.
Gretchen Kelly(daily artist)
....super colorful vibrant nudes, she is inspired with color and pattern.

Edith Dorey( daily artist)
...One of my very very favorite daily painters...I want to grow up and be a patron-collector of her work! Its really fun and true
Steve Goodman( daily artist)
another daily landscape painter, I'm very fond of his simple expression of his daily vision

2.. These are my favorite artists to date...I'm always looking for this list to grow, and someday I will have all these artists work in my personal collection.
Rebecca Saylor Sack, Siobhan O' Hehir,
Jonathan Moss, Helen Booth, Sarah Beitler.

2.Nicole Vidor ( life coach)...A truly inspired being, teaching/helping others how to be and find their authentic greatness!

5. Giovanni Iacono ( Interior Designer), My lovely "marito" he's mostly been busy in NYC doing restaurants and shops etc. but you should see his freso's and venetian stucco, nothing beats an Italian!

3.Mary Denise Patterson( Super star-Best friend) She takes wildly hilarious photographs...and other super beautiful photographs

4. Wenona Webster ( Landscape/Floral Designer)...best in town, best in county, best in state, best there is...and her speciality is Terrarium Design, doesn't that peak your interest!!!

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