Friday, May 11, 2007

Green With?

Green With?
28" x 36"
Mixed Media on Paper

The last of this weeks drawings, I'm looking forward to next week!!! I got ton's of new drawing supplys, get ready for new the colors. And, in case your wondering...I have been VERY busy painting my landscapes for my gallery show, all very exciting. Have a wonderful weekend, full of joy, beauty and color.


Agnes said...

You've been tagged! If you want to participate, just list seven little-known things about yourself on your blog, and then list seven blogs that you want to tag. The idea is to spread the word on interesting blogs and increase linkage. I can see that you're pretty busy right now, so please only do it if it's fun.

edith said...

You've been tagged. If you want to, and have time, the idea is to list seven little-known facts about yourself, and then list seven blogs you find interesting. It's to increase readership and linkage. And to show more of the world your wonderful work. cheers,e