Monday, March 12, 2007

California mountains

California Mountains 9" x 12" Oil on Paper

I'm back...well, I havn't gone anywhere except off the deep end of experimenting, which none of it is truly successful yet, just lots of learning and fun! That being said, I've really missed the very doable small daily paintings, which I started last July, just like this...every day oil on paper. Then they became something else...rather then studies they became "show" paintings, which took me away from the simpleness of these little guys. But now I think, its time to bring them back. I realize that they help filter my creative brain, and help me also have a sense of small daily accomplishment, which is more valuable on a daily basis than anything else. Also, I have learned that these actually need to come at the end of my more challenging painting seems that my energy is highest in the beginning, so that great energy does need to go towards "show" paintings...but I'm going to save a little of it for these babies!

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