Thursday, March 05, 2015

Dawn Breeze Artworking Away (Finding A Way)

Drowning, 2015, cement, rope, fabric, paint 
This is my most recent sculpture, almost complete--just need to get the block hanging above the ground and fix the rope for such.  But it is close enough to be considered finished--it is actualized and no longer in my mind, scribbled on to paper and various pieces in different rooms.  It is large, actually I would like the opportunity to display it in a space with higher ceilings than my studio, so that there is more space between the "gown" and the cement block.
Detail of Drowning

Detail of Drowning
I am about to hand in to my advisor/professor my first packet that illustrates and describes my work these past couple of weeks.  I am excited about the process of culling my work together in to a "packet".

I will say that I feel tremendously excited and in flow, and at the same time uncertain about having done "enough".   The ever elusive "enoughness" question that I tackle with daily--always relentlessly asking me for more.

I created a general syllabus for myself for this semester and a very specific one for the last couple of weeks--and I have completed that!  (This in itself is a new and wonderful way to think about goal planning.) Now I have even more questions to answer, which will be the starting point for the next detailed syllabus.

I have jumped in to a fully immersed study of the life and artwork of Joseph Beuys.  This has been INCREDIBLE!!!  It has given me a rich new language to better understand my own practice as an artist--both in my teaching practice and "studio" art.

I have completed the sculpture that I have been thinking about since the end of the summer.

I have started a daily image-journaling practice on instagram. You can follow me at dawnbreezeart.

Today in the office...

Today in the studio...
 You can also follow a new account on Instagram specific to Creativity & Courage at creatingcourage.
First Image for creatingcourage, Creativity & Courage's new Instagram account

I have sewn seeds for new creative opportunities and collaborations.

I have participated in study groups that are about 'Curating Self and Others' and 'Critical Compostition'.  We have read some very interesting essay's and shared complicated dialogue about erotics in learning and artwork, the artist studio, ethics in art making, and the real or imagined world.

I have read, and read some more, and wrote, and wrote some more.

To read some of my writings please visit 'Quidditity Is Not A Discipline'  
So far there are three posts:
For now I continue to scatter my work amongst these different places (facebook, instagram, blogger, website, studio, classroom, coffee dates, google hangout, etc.) with various content depending on the format...pick or choose, it all comes back to me, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.  Your input is always super welcomed, appreciated and inspiring!

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