Saturday, August 03, 2013

Geometry of Tenderness, Geometry of Fortitude

untitled, colored photographs on watercolor paper 11"x 14"

untitled, colored photographs on watercolor paper 11"x 14"

Untitled, photographs on watercolor, 20" x 24"

Untitled, colored photograph, plastic, masking tape 11" x 17"

My shape!!! See it in the light!
Jean Errards Fortress

Jean Errards Fortress

Wilson Bentley Snowflake (my favorite one!)
The photograph collages are pieces I began before leaving to Sicily.   This week I brought them out and worked with them.  I will continue with them a bit more as I believe they are part of an ongoing investigation of this shape that I have an attraction to.  I will share a bit of the back story and journey.  I came across this photograph of a snowflake by Wilson Bentley this winter.  Wilson Bentley was a scientist working in the late 1800's he studied raindrops and snowflakes.  He was the first to ever take a photograph of such and his first photograph was in 1885.  I have always been in awe of the magic of snow crystals, how each is a unique form, the wonderful amassing billions creating blankets of white cover.  I love the metaphoric quality of that.  It just so happened that while I was looking at these images I came across an image of an antique architecture drawing of a fortress by Jean Errard from Paris in 1600, designed for defense and stronghold. The shape was the same! How wonderful that 200yrs prior to this photographic discovery the shape was being used as the base of a fortress!  I have not stopped musing over the significance of this shape and the idea of tenderness and fortitude.

While cleaning out my studio I came across a pile of old printed photographs of the nature around me that I had taken for inspiration.  The images were "boring" yet the longer I looked at them I considered their moment as important and relevant.  I no longer take film pictures and therefor do not have piles of "boring" images around, times are changing so fast and this little pile documented a piece of a moment, a piece of what I love.  I decided to try looking at them through another shape, my snowflake shape.  I traced the snowflake on to the photograph and cut them out.  After having a little pile of snowflake images lying around I began noticing the geometric patterns that arise as they touch each other in different angles, I noticed the gestalt that my eyes and brain make with the missing pieces.  I also noticed looking at one of the pictures that there was the shape again!  In the light reflection between the sun ray and the lens of the camera....and so this is my magic shape, my symbol of tenderness and fortitude.  What excites me most being an artist is discovery and in someways I think artists and scientists are alike in our quest for understanding.  I continue on with the questions and the strange connections.  There really is never a definite answer as everything changes as our consciousness changes.  New ideas lead us ever onward.
from Jean Errard’s Fortification Réduicte Art and Démonstrée (Paris, 1600), - See more at:
from Jean Errard’s Fortification Réduicte Art and Démonstrée (Paris, 1600), - See more at: same shape!  The drawing of the castle was done in

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