Sunday, January 08, 2012

Free Art

Yesterdays Sunset (down the block from home)

Artists 'Selling Out' and 'Cashing In' on other artist ideas was the theme of the week.

I went to the city for an opening on Friday. 

What I profitted from on my trip to NYC was not the gallery connection but rather a confirmation of my belief that the power of art and of life is that which is FREE and that we suffer greatly by believing in false ideas of value.  Gold and Diamonds are only minerals. 

I saw beautiful art in Chelsea; when I walked outside of the Sean Kelly gallery there was the most precious little girls jacket, soft, fluffy and flattened on the asphalt by the big white van.  When I left 26th st I looked up in to the dark purple sky and there a cluster of lost pink birthday balloons blossomed from a bare tree branch. 

Is there a place for art to truly live in the commercial world?  Should art be sold & collected? 
  I think my current affair with tribal art is that it is about "usage" and "purpose" and for the betterment of the tribe, for all that belong to the tribe it is freely given.  
"African art never gilded the lily-its function was spiritual, the peices used, never collected."-The Art Of The Maasai

We are self-obsessed. 
We must learn what we value.

We have whats free.

PS.  There was one artists work that gave me something.  His masking taped wooden dowels propped up against the gallery wall, gave me permission to be me and to be free.  Thank you!

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