Sunday, August 14, 2011


Heartlisten: (heart·lis·ten) v. pronounced artlisten (a silent 'H')

1. The art of hearing or listening with your heart.
2. To feel the sound of something.

I sat on the cliffs, heartlistening the ocean.

One needs to go out in the fields and heartlisten the winds.

When searching for your truth, heartlisten for the answer.

2011, North American English, a compound word from the nouns Heart and Art, and the verbs Hear and Listen. Created by artist Dawn Breeze

Jónas Hallgrímsson (November 16, 1807 – May 26, 1845) was an Icelandic poet, author and naturalist. He also contributed to the Icelandic language by adding words, such as; reikistjarna. This word means Planet and is derived from the words Að reika ((to wander) and Stjarna (star).

I understand Jónas's need to create words here in Iceland. Every day I am experiencing nature and myself in new ways, soft nuances as well as bold pronouncements and many of these experiences do not have the correct descriptive word in our English language. Our common language has become so broad and dull, and our experiences generalized in our vocabulary. I think that if we were able to communicate about finer particulars we would have and feel a deeper connection with one another.

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