Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Facebook Fan Page

Spring Flowers
60" x 60"
Mixed Medium on Canvas

Well its very cold, snowy and icy here in Upstate NY. I've been inside for two days which has been really enjoyable. One of the things I did during my "snow-in" was create a Facebook fan page for my art. I am on Facebook so often and find it's a great newsfeed for the many things I enjoy. Its like my own personal newspaper that I am constantly refining. I love it! I'm actually a bit of a Facebook addict. And I would really love for you to be my Facebook fan!!! Its going to be a place for even quicker and perhaps more informal posting from me about my art. I will post show schedules, photo's of artwork, pictures from events, related links, notes, etc. It will be a great place to get very current, casual, friendly information about me and my art. You can become a fan by going to my page Dawn Breeze Art and clicking the LIKE button.
The other very good news is that my studio is almost ready!!!!! After 2 yrs without a studio, I'm just about 3 wks away from having my very own studio on my property-out of the house-and it will have electricity and heat! YAHOOOOO!!!!!! I really cannot imagine, actually that's not true, I imagine me getting crazy busy with new paintings, installations and all kinds of exciting art projects....OH, I can't wait, I can't wait!!!!!

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