Saturday, March 13, 2010

We're All Dirt

Frustration; Fun and Games

Chinese Money Plant; Bumbershoot Against A Masher

Milkweed and The Green Pitcher; A Thinker Of An Original Kind

Hope, Fear, and Stoic Patience

And Instant Hello and Goodbye

A Loving Group

I am excited to get these up! Remember the 22 canvas's I bought. The ones pre-painted with terrible landscapes and still lifes? Well, here they are after being collaged and painted with dirt. (These are 6 of 12 in this group.)
I knew I wanted to use some part of the original painting, because even though they were atrocious, clearly the person who painted them loved painting, (22 canvas's!)
The love element was intact.
The idea behind the collages is that we are all a part of everything, and I imagined what it would be like to be a little bit of everything and we will all be dirt at some point. Dirt is magical, alchemical in property. The people in the photographs have long since returned to the dirt, and the painter of these paintings is now dirt. Dirt continues to generate life from life.....
I have much more to say about this project, and will elaborate when I post the other ones, including titles.


Gretchen Kelly said...

love these dirty little works. They make me curious as to the stories and the titles that go with them.

Five and Diamond said...

I absolutely love these.
(esp # 3 and #5)
Can't wait to see more!

Me said...

oh my god Dawn I love these. I want one! Where can I see photos of all 12?