Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Few Beans

The beans are growing, and growing!!!
I am giving one of these to an upcoming benefit for our new local radio station WGXC. The benefit will be this coming Saturday, and Nicole Fiacco's Gallery in Hudson NY. All donated artworks will be available to see and purchase, Sat. from 3-5. All artwork has been donated by stellar local artists, and all is being sold for $50!!! Then from 7-11 their will be a fabulous party, with 20 performance acts-poetry, sound performance, art performance, experimental radio, musicians, etc. This is sure to be an incredibly fun and exciting event!!!! I am a little sad to give one of my "baby's" away...but I think that it is an opportunity for the art to continue to grow and change, under new stewardship who knows what will happen next? Will the caretaker plant the painting, and harvest the beans? Will it continue to be watered? Will it wilt and do a dying dance and be preserved behind glass? Who knows?
This project has given me such an appreciation of the miraculous transformation of life.
These little beans have such courage!

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