Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free Now

F r e e N o w
Please Visit in Person at 1300 rt. 8 Germantown, NY 12526 (Between rt9 & 9G)
(It will only be at this location until this Thursday!)

“Free Now” a sculpture/movable environmental installation. Free Now is created using discarded clothing, step ladders and feather wings. The sculpture stands about 20ft high and is approximately 30ft in diameter. Free Now is inspired by my sister Summer's courage to live here on earth, as well as her courage to leave this earth. The sculpture is also inspired by the Greek myth of Icarus, and all the many bird girls who painfully struggle to walk this earth out of love, but eventually return to the sky and sun where their spirits can freely fly. The piece is made so it can be easily dismantled and re-mantled allowing me to put it in different environments and public spaces both indoors and out ( the beach, a field, an empty building as well as a traditional gallery). Thus sharing the piece freely with the public.
This is the first public viewing!

Free at last
by Antony and the Johnson

Way down yonder in the graveyard walk
I thank God I'm free at last
Me and my Jesus going to meet and talk
I thank God I'm free at last

On my knees when the light pass'd by
I thank God I'm free at last
Tho't my soul would rise and fly
I thank God I'm free at last

Some of these mornings, bright and fair
I thank God I'm free at last
Goin' meet my Jesus
In the middle of the air

I thank God I'm free at last

In addition to my work, I encourage you to visit the Icarus Project online.

" The Icarus Project envisions a new culture and language that resonates with our actual experiences of 'mental illness' rather than trying to fit our lives into a conventional framework."-Icarus Project

"He cares no more for warnings, he rushes through the sky,
Braving the crags of ether, daring the gods on high,

Black 'gainst the crimson sunset, golden o'er cloudy snows,
With all Adventure in his heart the first winged man arose.

Dropping gold, dropping gold, where the mists of morning rolled,

On he kept his way undaunted, though his breaths were stabs of cold,
Through the mystery of dawning that no mortal may behold.

Now he shouts, now he sings in the rapture of his wings,
And his great heart burns intenser with the strength of his desire,

As he circles like a swallow, wheeling, flaming, gyre on gyre.

Gazing straight at the sun, half his pilgrimage is done,

And he staggers for a moment, hurries on, reels backward, swerves
In a rain of scattered feathers as he falls in broken curves.

Icarus, Icarus, though the end is piteous,
Yet forever, yea, forever we shall see thee rising thus,

See the first supernal glory, not the ruin hideous.

You were Man, you who ran farther than our eyes can scan,
Man absurd, gigantic, eager for impossible Romance,
Overthrowing all Hell's legions with one warped and broken lance."

A passage from the poem-"Winged Man" by Stephen Vincent Benet 1907

Swim with me my mama when I dive in the ocean of death

I will cry if I am not with my family

You could be my friend eternally

Swim with me my sister when I dive in the great white ocean

We must try, try to find a way that we can see

See each others faces in the sea

Swim with me my sister when I dive in the great white ocean

We must try, try to find a way that we can see

See each others faces in the sea

The Great Ocean of Time-Antony and the Johnsons

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Conamore Alexander said...

It brings tears to my eyes. It is beautiful and powerful. The process photos are also moving. I love the naked staircase to the sky.

You can't see the beauty ascending into the sky, but you can see that she certainly did. As she shed what held her down, left in her transformation is a beautiful rainbow of all her inspiring adventures. Thank you for making it Dawn!