Sunday, August 09, 2009


These are two photo's from a Public Art Performance I did yesterday.
(Later a video will be available to show)

The piece, "Walking" is part of a larger body of work called "Bird Girl Project". The "Bird Girl Project" is inspired by the life and death of my beloved sister, Summer Knight, it includes installations, paintings, video, and this performance...and who knows what else as I am creating whats in it now!

In "Walking" I tied 32 helium balloons to myself , and duct taped two large Belgian bricks to my feet, then I walked from my house down to the river, along the main st. of Hudson, NY.(aprox. 1.5miles) All of which was spontaneous, without any plan other then to walk wherever and as far as I wanted.

The performance is based on a part of a fairy tale I wrote for Summer, (Princess In The Clouds). In the story: she comes down from the clouds and the wise men, decide that the best way to keep her from flying to the sky is to attach bricks to her feet, but to guarantee that she doesn't sink into the ground they prescribe balloons to be tied to her shoulders. Everyone agrees that this is best, and so out of love and the desire to walk the earth in a flat and level way with her beloved ones, Princess Summer courageously follows her prescription. As gracefully as possible, she walks. Everyone pretends like they either don't notice the slow sluggish drag, or her bumps and lumps. Eventually this remedy, becomes too much to bear.

I decided that I wanted to experience and share what I imagined.

The "Bird Girl Project" is opening my mind and process as an artist. I am allowing myself to broaden what I create, so that I may release and realize inspiration in whichever form it fits. Its quite amazing and empowering to say yes, and open the door........

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Anonymous said...

Dawn Breeze.. I found you!
Wow. Walking. Heavy.
To tell you the truth, I have been so far removed from the truths and sadness, and hopeful eventual release of Summ's death, that I don't really know what to think. One of the reasons I moved to the other side of the world was to escape... escape the love, sickness, and death of friends and family.. but now I miss the sharing of emotion.
We are coming home for a month and want to see you guys.. what's your email address?? Love ollie