Thursday, February 05, 2009

Day 12, 13, 14

So, here are the last 3 days of painting on this project (its taken me ummmm a few wks to post an update), as I have decided it will be 14 painted days and 30 days out doors...or actually whenever I can retrieve the paintings from the frozen snow and ice....( They are currently entirely covered, and I can't even see them!) When I uncover them, I will decide what to do next with them....hmmm???
I am stopped early with the this painting/throwing away project because I got anxious to start painting "keepers". This was a great warm up exercise, allowing me to just play. Play with mediums, styles, techniques, material etc. and I'm amped up to paint now!!!
I just hung two large canvas's and am actively working on is soooooo fun, and I am so happy to be painting again!!!! FOR REAL!!! HOLLER!!!
In between these throw-away paintings and the canvas's I'm working on, I did a small group of paintings that I will post tomorrow (maybe....having a baby means maybe for everything!)


Lynda Cole said...

Dawn, I really like the painting in the middle. Lots of air and that great blue angled space in the lower left.

Dawn Breeze said...

Thank you Lynda,
Yeah, I'm sort of surprised I used such a sharp angle, but it felt good. Without it the piece was so ungrounded. Plus I am enjoying working with reliefs, stencils, and stamps, just playing again!