Monday, April 21, 2008

Sketches For A Comission

Group D

Group C

Group B

Group A

Sketches For A Commission

The following are 4 proposed groups of 4 small paintings, each painting is 6" x 9" which will translate loosely into 4 finished paintings 3' x 4'.
Each group is inspired by time in nature, and the selected group will hang in a large law office lobby in TX. ( The same law firm just purchased two large encaustic paintings, "Silver Lined Sea" and "Ocean", for their new NYC office)
This has been a very interesting project, because generally I work each painting as a "one off" being led directly from the medium/inspired moment. I do not plot out ideas in advance.
I am actually enjoying this challenge, and see it more as an assignment vs. just working in my studio. I am approaching it from a place that gives the client enough of an idea of the finished painting feeling, but leaving plenty of room to enjoy the process of the painting, and for the finished painting to remain fresh and inspired. Its also been interesting to try, seeing this way of planning as potentially being a tool for putting together shows that have a coherent theme. Its also a great way to work quickly and prolifically.....but its funny to have so much in my head when beginning a creative piece.
I will keep you posted with this projects development, and would love to hear your feedback about it.

PS. Groups C & D are encaustic, and Groups A & B are water based paint and oil paint.

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