Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Large Scale Mixed Medium Paintings

Winter Trees Wild Snow
Mixed Medium on Canvas

Winter Trees, Snow, Black Ground
20" x 24"
Mixed Medium on Canvas

Spring Flowers
5' x 5'
Mixed Medium on Canvas

I have been painting in my studio, however I have not been posting...I suppose because these larger scale works are different, and difficult. I am enjoying the challenge of trying something I've been looking towards, but changing scales and surfaces throws a new learning curve in to the equation. I just came from a beautiful walk with a friend and we were discussing that in order to do anything great, you have to allow for much "not so great"....I think thats the bigger challenge I'm facing as I look ahead.

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Melissa Stafford said...

I am really loving Winter Trees, Snow, Black Ground. For some reason never saw this one before today. Very nice!