Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Autumn Changes

Autumn Changes
24" x 28"
Mixed Medium on Paper
I know its hard to believe I have not posted in almost a month! Please excuse my absence...I have been involved with a very unexpected "creative" circumstance, which has made it nearly impossible to create anything in my studio. Alas, I miss painting dearly and look forward to returning soon with new enthusiasm and inspiration. This painting I did about a week ago...I really like it. It was great fun to witness its emergence. I have been painting lately, ( well a month ago, now!) without forming a complete picture in my mind. I start with a notion of an idea, memory or feeling, and then I paint, and paint, and paint, and the painting takes many forms. Its really funny, because the first marks, images, come and go, and then I just have to completely let go of myself and honor what has now grown on the paper or canvas, the painting is no longer me. And it is usually at this place that it becomes complete, when I have let go of my original idea.
Another thing...all works I post are for sale, and you are welcome to email me for pricing info and availability, ( As some of you have done!) I am currently working on setting up a selling web/blog something with Paypal and will update you with that address as soon as its ready.
I hope your all fantastic, and have had the most lovely holiday!

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