Saturday, April 21, 2007

Opening up!

This drawing was also from this past weeks life drawing class. It's wildly marked and she looks like she's bursting open with wings. I have to say I am very grateful to my dear friend Gretchen who is an incredible figure painter who is next to me in class, first of all I owe a great deal of the "opening up" of my actual life drawings to her. A couple weeks ago, when I just got so fed up with trying to draw the "right way" I began drawing what felt good, which looked very wild, loose and messy to me...and Gretchen looked over and said "Dawn, that's really good!" It was the encouragement I needed to take another look ,myself, and almost agree with her.
During this drawing I was scribbling wildly, and dancing all over the page, making a HUGE mess, and Gretchen looked over again, and said " oh, Dawn I love that!"
Cheers to our friends and their appreciation of our work, and our authentic selves. They help us shake off our self -
consciousness, and open up to our true selves! I am forever grateful to all of you, you all are helping me become the artist I am!

PS. Check Gretchens Daily Painting Blog, you should see her gorgeous nudes!

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