Thursday, October 26, 2006



I have to say that after spending 3 blissfull weeks in Sicily, I am so happy to be home in Hudson, NY.
Today I strolled outside my door, and took a walk down main st. with the brisk fall air chilling my warm face, and I walked into another new elegant, unusual and yet practical store, Mix ( which looks like it belongs in the Meatpacking District vs. Upstate), then I went to our local Arts Council, to pick up a small painting I bought from another talented local artist, then I went to our new Tea and Herb salon/ emporiom, and walked away a wapping $4 dollars less rich but with a bountiful selection of herbal remedy teas...( I felt like I was playing make beleive)...then I strolled back towards home, watched the neon leaves dance by, and picked up a cup of hot apple cider,and homemade donuts from a local farmer, who sells them outside his wifes beauty parlor...(which has not been updated in 35 years atleast!!!) I continued my way home, and cruised into the local auction house and previewed decades gone by, all the time humming tunes from the incredible "Felice Brothers" whom I was lucky enough to see live last night in the intimate setting at Mexican Radio...our Mexican restaurant, literally from SOHO...and last but not least before I turned the corner to my new, 200 yr old loving house, I saw a Halloween window, complete with varius skulls (real ones) parts of antique baby dolls...and other very disturbing obgects of desire...all with a smile on my face, breathing the smell of wet earth...this is really paradise!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back in Hudson. I took that stroll with you down the streets. Your Art today makes me think of felted poofs imitating leaves. It's so whimsical.