Saturday, May 12, 2012

QUAM Gallery opens today in Scicli Italy

  I am excited to announce I will be working with Antonio Sarnari and his new contmeporary art gallery Quam in Scicli, Italy. The opening of Quam is today and my video Running Still will be included in the inaugural exhibition.

Opens Quam (Collections of the monastery) new headquarters in Mixed Media
 Saturday, May 12, 2012 18:00
Quam is located in Via Mormino Penna, one of the most beautiful baroque streets declared a World Heritage Site, and equips Scicli one of the most modern exhibition spaces thanks to the international media preparation, the composition of spaces and modular exhibition routes, and the small but precious bookshop with lounges for consultation. 
Quam is proposed as a qualified platform for connecting with other countries, with a distinct identity in the Sicilian painting and Scicli inserted in the most qualified path of the growing cultural tourism. From the masters of the Scicli Group (including Mixed Media is overseeing a major exhibition in New York scheduled for September) to the emerging group of Asterisk, to exhibitions drawing on the early twentieth century Japanese prints or those on the 700 and 800, ending events such as the GAF Scicli 2011, Quam inherits a great cultural heritage that promises to raise with the new schedule, which is closer to the young artists, with an area of foreign authors, and new events such as African Art (scheduled for spring 2013).
The exhibition, inauguration, collectors of fine authors such as Pirandello (exhibited a large canvas unpublished), foreign artists like Dawn Breeze (New York video artist) and Robin Astley (in Melbourne, shows a large painting on the theme of war), Piero Guccione (exposed two large historical canvases) and Franco Sarnari (present work as much as 4 feet). There are also works of Manlio Sacco, Roxana Taormina, Nut and Francis Rinzivillo (authors that represent the identity of the new tunnel) and then the great contemporaries such as Peter Zuccaro Sicilians, and Paul Parisi Canecapovolto languages ​​ranging from informal to videos with themes social. [...] QUAM (from the press release 09/05/12)
Tecnica Mista by Antonio Sarnari
Collections of the monastery
Scicli Via Mormino Penna 79

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